What to Pack for Spring Break: The 5 Necessities when Traveling

Can't you just feel it in the air? Spring break is next week! After carefully planning your beach getaway or your cabin retreat in the mountains, the last thing you want to do is pack. It's either carefully thought out, minimalist light-packing that takes hours as you debate over which shoes to bring, or it's the last-minute hustled over-packing because you didn't have time to really think things through. Or maybe you really do need 8 pairs of shoes. Regardless, when it comes to packing, we stick to 5 simple rules.
1. Comfort
We all know you look adorable in those 2 inch heels, but no one wants be uncomfortable while traveling. Even if it's just a short distance, those cramped spaces you have to deal with in the back seat of a car or next to the stranger on the plane, will leave you wanting to feel your best. We recommend soft, flowy pieces like the Emma Peplum, Scarlett Joggers, or Madison Ruched Shorts.
2. Wrinkle-Resistant Clothes
This one is pretty self-explanatory. No one wants to bring an iron or steamer with them while they're traveling, not even if it's their favorite shirt. Leave the wrinkly pieces at home and pack the fabrics that can withstand your suitcase being tossed around. You definitely can't go wrong with some sturdy denim, a little khaki, and then a special piece like the Better Together Dress.
3. Your Favorite Basics
This would be your staple pieces that have stood the test of time. It might be a dress that always covers your trouble areas, a pair of flattering shorts, or those leather sandals that match everything. Just think, what would I never leave home without?
4. Mix 'n Match
 Each item you bring not only needs to be comfortable and beautiful, but also versatile. If you can't wear it with more than one outfit, then don't bother. For example, the Myra Off Shoulder Top can be worn over your swimsuit top or a bralette, paired with shorts or jeans, and can even be pulled off with heels or sandals. Some other great versatile pieces include the Cloud Tie Dye Dress and the Latte Swing Tunic.
5. Make a Statement
This is where you throw every practicality out the window. Yes, you want comfortable clothes that are versatile enough to go with multiple outfits. Yet, you are on vacation and may never return to that location again. Bring just one statement piece that makes you feel confident and beautiful. It'll help spice up your capsule wardrobe, plus you can pull it out for that special occasion night out. You can go with a bold pattern like the Painted Garden Dress or a dramatic silhouette like the Nicole Dress.
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Bon Voyage!
-The AG Team



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