The Hostess with the Mostest: A Guide to Hostess Gifts

We all know the big day coming up -- OU vs. Texas! As usual, Sooners fans, born or bred, are traveling from all over the United States to watch live at the Texas State Fair! And what better excuse to catch up with old family and friends than to watch one of the biggest rivalries in college football history go down in Dallas, Texas!
With the large amount of alumni living throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, most fans opt to stay with a friend instead of a pricey hotel. Regardless if you're staying with family, an old college roommate or a distant friend, let your host know that they are loved and appreciated with a hostess gift. Here are our handpicked favorite hostess gifts for the one with the mostest.
1. Frame It
These picture frames are hand-made by our very own, Nikki Harrington. They are a unique gift that supports two our favorite things: local artists and the Oklahoma Sooners. Turn it into a sentimental gift by including a photo of you and the hostess, or leave it empty with the intention of taking photos at the game! Either way, it is a memory shared.
2. Twisted Tea Towels
We always like to give a gift that someone would not pick out themselves. And since it's said that there's no better gift than the gift of laughter, we think these tea towels are the perfect addition to your hostess' home. These kitchen decor-essentials are hilarious and provide constantly smiles and memories for your hostess each time they see it. We carry a range of options so that you can pick out a saying that fits your hostess perfectly. 
3. Marvel at Marble
For years we have offered marble coasters, clocks, and artwork. It is a classic design that simply does not go out of style. Ideal for a Sooner alumni, each item displays a classic scene from the University of Oklahoma history. Some of our favorite images include the Memorial Stadium and the Bizzell Library, places that houses unique memories for everyone.
4. Concrete Candles
Get creative! If your hostess loves the Sooners, but is not necessarily clad with Oklahoma memorabilia, we suggest these candles. They are industrial and modern while adding a pop of color and personality. We think the best scents for Fall are Driftwood & Indigo and Amber & Smoke! The best part? The wax burns cleanly, leaving an empty concrete container to repurpose as you please. They could use it as a pot for a succulent, a pencil holder for their desk, a bathroom container for bobby pins, or simply a catch-all for the small clutter.
5. Oakhill Road, Wood Pallet Artwork
BOOMER SOONER! These handmade, in Norman, wood pallet pieces are all one-of-a-kind with varying levels of distress. They feature icon signs and locations in Norman as well as vintage football posters. This is an ideal gift for a football fan that loves the country chic rustic look in their home. 
6. Common Grounds Coffee Candles
Does your hostess love coffee? Common Grounds was founded by the owner of Antique Garden, Barbara Fite and her sister, Rebecca Zeavin. These candles are produced locally, sold exclusively at Antique Garden, and use eco-friendly repurposed wine bottles for the container. Each candle has a distinct coffee scent, like this seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte. This is the perfect gift for the coffee-lover, who can't get enough of the smell of a freshly brewed cup.
Show your hostess your gratitude this weekend with these gift ideas and more. Have fun this weekend, Sooners. Beat Texas, support your team, and love your hostess.
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