Stripe the Stadium

Nothing makes Norman more alive than a Sooner victory! The win this past weekend lifted our spirits, but we have our work cut out for us. The game this Saturday against Ohio State is going to be a big one. The stadium decided to show off our Sooner pride with striping the stadium. Nothing intimidates the opposing team more than our colors proudly gleaming red and white, right?! Hurry, check your ticket and make sure you have the crimson or cream outfit you need.
The Cream
If you're the kind of person who loves to dress up for game days, this is THE cream tunic for you. The One Night Victorian Tunic by Free People is a show stopper. We have it styled with one of our crimson bralettes underneath, but you could always pair it with PPLA's Willow Tank to give it some extra length and turn it into a mini dress. With the way the weather has been, this breezy tunic will have you feeling cool during the day and covered enough once the sun sets.
The Crimson
Perfect for all of those colder game days, this New Moon Tunic Sweater can be worn as a dress or paired with some leggings and booties. It has all sorts of fun details--from the bell sleeves cinched at the wrists to the open back, you'll definitely be noticed in this.  
The Casual
Trust us, we know that dressing up for game days can get exhausting. Go for a cute but casual look with our printed OK tanks! We designed these in house and have them made in Oklahoma. Wear it as a tank for when it's hot and then throw on a jacket or cardigan for those cooler days. The key to tailgating outside all day is layers, layers, layers.
The Accent
Sometimes crimson and cream can get overwhelming so there is nothing wrong with channeling one of our accent colors. The Donella Lace Sleeve Top offers versatility. It's something you can wear to games but also to the office. For game days wear it with one of our red chokers or crimson pants. Support your team in a beautiful, subtle way.
Still need your crimson or cream? Use the code TAILGATE at checkout to get $10 off a $50 purchase until Friday! If you're afraid it won't get to you in time, make sure you click "in store pick up" at check out and you can swing by the store before the game to get your item! 
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