Decorating Your Home for the "Fall-idays"

As Halloween starts off the holiday season, we're getting ready for the abundance of fall gatherings to come in the last months of the year. It's a time of getting together, sharing meals, and decorating with friends. Instead of becoming overwhelmed this time of year, make the most of your gatherings. Decorate simply, encourage your guests to bring a plate to share, and engage with one another over some festive wassel or a glass of wine.
Front Porch
The ultimate first impression of a gathering is the front porch - your greatest welcoming party! It's always nice to be greeted at the door with decorations. But, don't worry hosts and hostesses, you can skip the ornate light show and blow up holiday characters. Less is more! Even the smallest of porches can be spiced up with a friendly door mat and a door decoration - whether it be a wood snowflake or a wreath. The festive entrance to your home automatically puts your guests in the holiday spirit and makes your home more inviting.
Plating the Table
For meals shared around the table, we encourage a family-style set up. Having each of your guests bring one of their signature dishes not only encourages adventure, but it prevents the host from spending their entire day cooking (and cleaning all those dishes after!). Just make sure to provide enough serving utensils, like these fun spoons from Mud Pie. 
The Centerpiece
Centerpieces can always be a bit tricky - the ideal centerpiece accents the table without taking up too much room or blocking people's views. These wood baskets add the perfect touch for virtually any holiday with the simple additions of holiday-relevant decorations. For the Fall, we suggest a few small pumpkins and (you won't believe they're not real) succulents. Bonus: You can keep these centerpieces year-round and filled with your favorite plants, like the greenery above. 
Cozy Candles
Warm scents and cozy lighting can dramatically change a space! Have a seasonal candle burning before your guests arrive for that extra welcoming touch. We even love having multiple unscented candles burning for some extra warm lighting. Even if the weather outside isn't "frightful," you can still create a cozy indoor environment with candle light.
Glass and Wood Accents
Decorations don't have to be bright, flashy, or gaudy. Accent your home with seasonal textures like wood, metallic finishes (gold, silver, copper), and glass. Mercury glass adds a little shimmer to your home with a vintage feel, while heavier textures like wood offers a more earthy vibe. Style it by placing a few tea lights in a glass votive on a coffee table, a wood bowl on a shelf, and a few copper pieces in the dining room.
Hostess Gift
For guests, remember to show your appreciation to the host of the get-togther. But, you don't have to bring the figgy pudding or fruit cake. If you're a guest that has a hard time in the kitchen, bring a drink to share instead of a dish! And for extra measure, slip your gift into a festive bag like this "Sparkle & Wine" tote - bonus: handles! - which is appropriate for all seasons.
Decorate Together!
After sharing a meal and a few laughs, decorate for the upcoming holidays together! There is a lot of take-down and put-up with Halloween,Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's decorations back-to-back (to-back-to-back). Transitioning from one holiday to the next is more fun with company - and the work goes by faster. Or, you could opt for more season-neutral decor like a pine cone garland, a metallic-potted-plant, and a wooden deer bust to keep up for the next few months.
Happy holidays! Enjoy your time with family and friends.
The AG Team



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