Get Your Crafting On: Inspiration from our Arts and Crafts Sale

A little back story...our sister company, Vintage Spirit, dissolved a few years ago. They used to make t-shirts, magnets, magnet boards, picture frames, and all sorts of unique items. We finally are getting around to cleaning out our warehouse of finds and offering these items to the public! For the month of January we have been hosting an "Arts and Crafts" sale at our store front. This is perfect for anyone who has a creative spirit and enjoys making crafts. We have items like scrapbooking paper, vintage jewelry pieces, picture frames, vintage mannequins, you name it. Here is a little DIY inspiration for what to create with these items.
Scrapbook Paper:
A Crafty Clipboard
Update your boring brown clipboard into something more fun. With some simple scrapbook paper a modge podge, you can transform it. Check out this step by step instructions here.
Scrapbook Paper Wreath
Wreaths always add an extra warm to your front door or a nook in your home. Create your own littles flowers with scrapbook paper into accordion circles. You can choose paper the reflects the season or something more neutral to hang year-round. Find the tutorial here.
Personalized Key Covers
If you have too many keys on your keychain or frequently fumble for the right key, this little craft is for you. Color code each of your keys with scrapbook paper as a practical way to remember each of your keys. Even if you don't have that many keys, this little tutorial here jazzes up your keychain in a personal, colorful way.
Vintage Jewelry:
Ribbon Bookmarks
If you're anything like us, a simple piece of paper or a receipt often has to take the place of a bookmark so it's about time for an upgrade. Create bookmarks that will last and a look beautiful hanging out of your novel. This is also a cost efficient, thoughtful gift for any of your bookish friends. Follow the instructions here to make it yourself!
Refrigerator Magnets
 Simple, round magnets are available at virtually any hardware store. For this DIY purchase a basic magnet and then hot glue your vintage jewelry piece of choice. A more detailed instruction guide can be found here.
Gift Wrapping
This little DIY is pretty self explanatory. Spice up your gift wrappings with a vintage jewelry piece. Simply hot glue the jewelry to the ribbon on a present to give it that extra little detail. Yup, it's really that easy!
Picture Frames:
Picture Frame Key Holder
Ensure your keys never get lost again. This picture frame key holder designates a spot for your keys and will brighten the entryway to your home. Follow the instructions here
Jewelry Organizer
 Jewelry boxes or even ring dishes are often unorganized and somehow everything always gets tangled. Pick out your favorite pieces and display them on your bedroom wall in this picture frame jewelry organizer. It's always nice to be able to see everything when trying to decide what to wear each day. Find the instructions here to make your own!
Happy crafting!
-The AG Team



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