Essentials for Recruitment

Recruitment is upon us! Can you believe that orientation and move-in is Wednesday?! Amidst the chaos of moving into the dorms and saying goodbye to your family, we understand that sometimes a few things fall short. To help prepare everyone for recruitment, we put together a little guide of recruitment essentials. 
Recruitment is a fast pace. Especially those first two days, there are so many thoughts racing through your mind about each sorority. From loving the conversation you had, being overwhelmed by the door songs or aweing over the decorations, make sure you don't forget! After each house, take the time to reflect and write down how you really feel. You'll be thanking yourself later when you have to make some tough decisions.
Ladies, it is August. You'll be outside all day with the sun shining, so don't forget your sunglasses! It seriously makes all the difference. Plus, with all these new styles it's a fun way to accessorize.
Grab Bag
We love these cute bags from Slant! They're the perfect catch-all in your purse. Fill them with mascara, your favorite lip gloss, travel size deodorant, band aids, tissues and anything else you might need. That way all of your essentials are in one place and you'll be prepared for anything.
Phone Case
Accidents happen, but you don't want any accidents during this hectic week. Make sure your phone is protected with one of these cute Rifle Paper Co. phone cases. That way you can rest assured that your phone is safe and it's one last thing you have to worry about.
Comfortable Shoes
This might sound silly, but bring a pair of comfortable back up shoes in your purse or bag. After walking all day in heels, you'll be limping home. Also who said comfortable has to be ugly? These Steve Madden slip ons are adorable and functional. You can even wear these walking from house to house and then switch to your fancy shoes before going inside! Don't worry, we won't tell anyone. We can keep a secret. ;)
Water Bottle
Ladies, it is hot hot hot outside. Make sure you stay hydrated and drink plenty of water! You'll feel better and stay healthier without risk of passing out (heat exhaustion is real). Our new water bottles have cute sayings, keep your water cold, and are slim enough to fit in most purses, so no excuses! Honestly, you just need one.
Each day you'll be given a schedule of what houses you'll attend and when. After the first round, you are completely on your own to maintain that schedule. Some people are great at remembering things once, but if that's not you, write it down! We have agendas in all shapes, sizes, and styles. That way you won't be late and can stay on top of the week.
We're so excited for all of the ladies going through recruitment this week! Don't worry, you'll end up where you are suppose to be. We are wishing you the best of luck--and don't forget your essentials. Everything pictured here is available online and in store. 
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