What To Wear for Sorority Recruitment

Six full days of non-stop talking, sprinting to your next to house, door songs, and lining up correctly in "reverse-alpha order" is enough to make your head spin. Nothing can quite prepare you for the frenzy of recruitment, but here at AG we want the last thing for you to worry about during Rush is how you look. After all, Recruitment is all about being yourself and finding the best house for you. So let us help you find the perfect conversation starter dress and share some quick tricks and tips about recruitment. 
Nothing's Black and White.
While the simplicity of a little black dress or breezy white basic is always an easy choice for 8 or 5 party day, the task of narrowing down your top houses is another story. It's easy to fall in love with multiple houses, especially as the week goes on, and by Pref Night you may find yourself unable to make up your mind! But know this -even if it's unclear as to where you see yourself the most, you truly can't make a wrong choice when it comes to OU Greek! 
Prints and PMNs (Potential New Members) Are Your Friends.
It's easy to shy away from striking up a conversation with the girls around you in line. You're sweating, you're stressed, or frankly just plain tired of talking. But taking the time to be friendly with the girls around you may help calm your nerves. Just remember, you are all in the same boat. And who knows, you may be talking to a future Pledge Sister! So be bold. Rock an AG print and make some new friends! 
Be colorful.
Wear a fabulous AG pop of color, and let your personality shine through. Staying true to yourself and being confident in who you are is the most important thing to remember when going through recruitment. If they don't jive with your personality, you belong in another house anyway. So you do you girlfriend! 
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