5 Must-Have Wedding Gifts

Wedding season is in full swing with bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and ceremonies practically every weekend. It's one of our favorite times of the year, getting to celebrate those we love most! One of the ways we show our love is of course, wedding gifts. But after the fifth mixing bowl or set of towels opened at a shower, we started thinking there is got to be something more personal out there. So why not give the unique, beautiful gift that they'll remember for always? Check out some of our favorite wedding gift options that will leave the bride and groom cherishing for the years to come.
1. Locally Made Wedding Invitation Tile
How thoughtful is this?! A customized printed stone keepsake of the couple's wedding invitation. It captures their special day and will be hung on their wall as a sweet reminder. Plus, you won't have to worry about the couple receiving the same gift. Just bring in the invitation when you order a tile and it'll be ready in 4-6 weeks.
2. Magnet Board
There are so many photos taken and sweet notes written during wedding season. What better way to display them then on a magnet board sporting a cute quote? It's beautiful on the wall by itself, but the couple can decorate it with mementos from their journey together, updating it for the future. 
3. Locally Made Customized Stone Coasters
Something everyone needs but rarely buys: coasters. These stone coasters will last for years, plus you can customize the couple's initials in the tree carving. Everyone loves a practical gift that's still beautiful and thoughtful, it's the best of both worlds.
4. Mr. & Mrs. Drinkware
This would be a perfect shower gift. Pick out your favorite style of drinkware and encourage the couple to use it on their big day! The individualized Mr. and Mrs. champagne flutes adds another special detail to make their wedding day seem that much more personalized. Or snag a few of the Yay! glasses for a bachelorette party. Regardless, these glasses will go to use.
5. Locally Made Wedding Cards
You can see a theme through some of these gifts. We love supporting our local artists! These cards are one of a kind, hand made by our dear friend Gus. She picks out all of the ornaments and finishes it off with some stunning hand-lettering. They are blank on the inside so you can really tell the couple how you feel. These cards are perfect if you're planning on a gift card or just want to add something unique to your gift.
Cheers to the season,
AG Team



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