5 Ways to Age Beautifully

Located on Historic Campus Corner, its easy for us to focus on dressing the college girl. However, we have found that no matter your age you can look amazing wearing an AG Tolani dress, one of our sassy kimonos, or Piko tops. It’s all about the confidence in how you wear it. After all, who says you can’t rock fabulous 40, and nifty 50 in style? Here are 5 timeless looks from AG for any age! 

1. The Tolani
Tolani silk alone is a timeless beauty. Wear one of these stunning dresses by itself, or for ladies on the taller side, wear your Toloni as a tunic over a pair of skinny jeans. So flattering, yet so elegant. 
2. The Kimono
Kimonos are wonderful because they look great over just about anything. They also provide lightweight coverage over the arms without you burning up in the hot summer months. Nothing says sass quite like an AG kimono. 
3. The Piko
Piko tops and dresses are the most flattering form of comfort while out and about this summer. Not only are they down right comfy, but also work as the perfect layering piece. Throw a kimono over your Piko and you're ready to take on the night! We also love how Bobi styled hers with a festive scarf.
4. The Maxi
Who doesn't love a good maxi? It's the most stylish way to cover up while staying cool. 
5. The High-neck Tank
Not only are high-neck tanks SO in right now, they also create beautiful lines on almost any silhouette. The high-neck tank is about as classy as you can get when it comes to a sleeveless tee. 
So just remember ladies, age is only a number!



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