5 Bookcases 5 Ways

Here at Antique Garden we are all about the displays! Learn 5 different ways to embellish your own bookshelf based on your specific decorating style to make a stunning statement. Happy decorating!

“The Dreamer” Bookcase
 This whimsical display features some fabulous pops of color great for any neutral shelf. However, establishing an eye-pleasing color combo can be tricky. To easily accomplish a colorful, yet simplistic statement, pull hues together based on one item in particular you love! For instance, we used “The Birding Life” book to determine this cheery color palate.


“The Industrialist” Bookcase

 This eclectic shelf features many different industrial items that come together beautifully based on our “rule of 3” trick. To accomplish this look, display the items you love, no matter their hue, in clusters of three while playing with different heights and angles. For example, we put these hunter green books in between these awesome marble bookends and angled them in front of this silver plated frame for a bold industrial statement. These three unlikely friends may have nothing in common, but each treasure compliments the other due to this simple “rule of 3” trick.


“The Entertainer” Bookcase

 Pulling together a fantastic bookcase for all of your "oh so unique" kitchen items can be a chore. However, you can easily make a statement through the design principle of repetition. We accomplished this look by displaying these simplistic numbered jars –that are the perfect addition to any household kitchen!

      “The Minimalist” Bookcase

 Clean lines and neutral colors always create stunning works of art. And the art of simplicity is always effective. We established this "oh so simple" look by displaying our favorite ivory items on this unique charcoal circle shelf. With this extreme color contrast and minimal display, this simple concept is a must for any modern minimalist home.


“The Naturalist” Bookcase

 Experimenting with different textures and creative groupings is another way to establish eye pleasing bookcase design. To get this look, we played around with rope-embellished glassware and candles for a unique “back to nature” vibe.



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