National Small Business Week

May 1st-7th is National Small Business Week and our very own Barbara Fite is this year's National Small Business Retailer! We are so proud of her commitment to support small businesses and fight on their behalf in a nation overwhelmed by big businesses. In our current economic decline, small businesses are part of the solution. Over 50% of Americans either work or own a small business! They are the ones creating the jobs, providing two out of three new jobs in America every year. Maybe next time you need to make a purchase, think about the importance and impact small businesses make before scrolling through
 As a small, local business we like to support our neighbors. Recently we started carrying Elemental coffee beans from a their local roastery in Oklahoma City. We are crazy about their coffee and their philosophy to offer the finest quality products while prioritizing customer service and fair trade.  
Some of our other small business favorites are Scratch, Stash, Tulips, and Wright's! They all really embody what small businesses are all about. They support Norman by employing locals, selling one of a kind products or food, and give back to the community. Put your money where your family is! Check out these small businesses or others that are near you. 
 Oklahoma City is ranked the best city in the U.S. to start a small business, according to CNN. We're lucky to live in a greater area where small businesses are celebrated instead of squashed. As you go throughout your week, stop by your favorite small business and wish them a happy small business week! 
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