Spring Break Staycation

Spring break is here! It's finally time to relax and enjoy life away from the normal grind. While it's fun to go skiing in the mountains or soak up the sun on the beach, we all know there is no place quite like home. Sometimes vacation doesn't have to involve travel--it can just be exploring your hometown. Our beloved Norman offers a lot of different things to do. These are some of our favorite staycation ideas if you're sticking close to home.
You could say we're a little biased, but we love the Campus Corner scene. If you're craving a good cup of coffee, a nice atmosphere, and some baked goods, Crimson & Whipped Cream is where it's at. Bring a good book or a dear friend and delight in a cupcake. Apple Tree Chocolate is also one of our favorite dessert spots. You haven't had a caramel apple until you tried theirs. Caramel apples aren't your thing? They also have amazing chocolates. Indulge your sweet tooth just a little--you're on spring break!
Norman's pride and joy is the University of Oklahoma, but when class is in session, so are all of the students on campus. Take advantage of the beautiful campus by packing a picnic and explore the grounds. A hidden gem is the Western History Collection in the old Law School building. Another unique spot is the Fred Jones Jr. Art Museum (which is always free!). 
Downtown Main Street has so much to offer. From delicious local joints like The Diner to shows at Soonertheatre. These quaint nooks are what make Norman unique. Take an afternoon and go for a walk on Main Street with your dog or best shopping companion. Maybe you'll find your new favorite eatery or the perfect antique piece for your home.
And of course, it wouldn't be a staycation without a trip to Antique Garden. Come check out our recent remodel, you'll hardly recognize it. We'll help you find the perfect spring outfit for the warmer weather with a pair of shoes to match. That's right, we're carrying shoes! Honestly, we love this new direction we're going in and want you to be a part of it--stop by and say hello! 

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